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Bridgeport Player Images  S



Dan Shannon

Second base and Manager.

Shown here posing in an 1888 Omaha uniform.  In 1885, Dan managed the first professional club in Bridgeport.  Dan managed various clubs a total of 11 seasons, including two major league teams. 

After a colorful baseball career, Dan retired to Bridgeport in the late 1890s, where he opened a cafe at Congress and Main. It had a sign showing a player sliding into second that read: “Come in, You’re out.” Dan made his home at 379 Pequonnock Street in Bridgeport.

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Bud Stapleton


Showing off his new 1926 Chrysler convertible [below] on Booster Day at Newfield Park in Bridgeport.

Bobby Sherwood


Bobby loved playing ball so much that he founded the Bridgeport Bees in 1947, and covered centerfield for is first 3 seasons. 

Edgar Smith

With the 1883 Boston National League club.  Ed was captain and first baseman for the semi-pro Bridgeports of 1884.

Moses H. "Moe" Solomon  
First base.

("The Rabbi of Swat") 

So nicknamed by John McGraw of the NY Giants who hired Solomon to attract more Jews to games. McGraw signed Moe late in the 1923 season after he had batted .421 and slugged 49 homers for Hutchinson KS. 

Althought he made 3 hits, including a double, in 8 times at bat for the Giants, Moe's lack of fielding skills prevented him from being resigned by the Giants for the following season. 

McGraw sold him to Toledo for the 1924 season, but Solomon found his way to Bridgeport instead.

Moe played five more years in the minors, but a broken collar bone suffered when playing profesional football, sapped the power from his swing, and he was never again the Rabbi of Swat.



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