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Orator O'Rourke

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Orator  O'Rourke: The Life of a Baseball Radical


Hall-of-Famer Jim O'Rourke (1850-1919), was the son of Irish immigrants who taught him the values of thrift, hard work and clean living.  He become one of the first sport superstars, playing professionally for over forty years. O'Rourke was also a manager, umpire, team owner, league president, and practicing attorney, having earned a law degree from Yale.


O'Rourke struggled against prejudice toward his Irish heritage to win acceptance into baseball clubs. He  then defended his new profession against a disdainful attitude toward people who labored for their living. As his renown grew (he played on nine pennant-winning teams) O'Rourke's demands grew bolder.   There even was a moment when he and other major leaguers formed a secret society to merge the labor and capital classes into one amalgam of equals, in the now forgotten Baseball War.  



"thoroughly researched...superb" Sports Collectors Digest

"those of us who know nineteenth-century baseball history well can still learn a lot from Orator O'Rourke. ...[A] life worth knowing about and a book worth reading"  Nine

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"marvelously researched and well written. The reader sees clearly that baseball, as always, reflects the spirit of its time." Larry Levine, Quinnipiac University.

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