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Bridgeport Player Images  R



John "Bridgeport" Robinson


John tossed for Bridgeport in 1902 and moved up to the NY Giants the same year, on the recommendation of Bridgeport Manager Jim O'Rourke. 

"Chief" Roseman


Roseman played for the Bridgeport TBs in 1875. The years 1882 to 1887 he spent in the majors.  In 1890 he managed the Louisville National League team.

Detail from 1888 card.

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Jimmy Ryan


Jimmy was the star of Bridgeport's first professional club, the 1885 Giants. At the close of the season he joined the Chicago White Stockings, commencing an 18-year major league career.

A potential Hall-of-Famer, but unfortunately, all but forgotten.

The tuxedo worn over his uniform for this 1888 baseball card reveals his sense of humor.

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Jose Rodriguez

First base.

One of the first latinos in organized U.S. baseball, "Joe" played the infield for the NY Giants from 1916 to 1918, before beginning a long career in Bridgeport: 1921-25 and 1928-29

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Ed Rowen


Ed grew up in Bridgeport and played for the 1876 (semi-pro?) Bridgeports. From 1882 to 1884 he caught in the majors.

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Jimmy Rogers

First base.

Jimmy began his professional career with the 1888 Bridgeport Giants. From 1896 to 1897 he held down the first sack for Louisville in the National League.

He died in 1899 from a baseball injury. 

Harvey Russell


Harvey caught for Bridgeport from 1911 to 1913, and for Baltimore in the Federal League from

1914 to 1915.




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