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Bridgeport Player Images  H



Charlie Hamburg


With Louisville in 1890, and Bridgeport Giants of 1886.

Photo from Legends of Louisville by Philip Von Borries, Altwerger and Mandel, W. Bloomfield MI, 1993.

Elmer "Bunny" Hearn


Elmer threw for Bridgeport in 1925.  He finished the decade with the Boston Braves.

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Dan Hoffman


Dan played in the majors from 1903 through 1911, for the Phillies, Yankees, and St. Louis Browns.  He lived in Bridgeport and invested in Park City real estate.  In 1916 he once again roamed the outfield for Bridgeport.


George Handy

Shortstop for the 1948 Memphis Club of the Negro League. The following year, Handy joined the Bridgeport Bees. 

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Harry Herbert

The last black player in organized baseball before Jackie Robinson. 

Harry roamed left field for the Bridgeport Victors from 1895 through 1898, when an injury cut short his career.

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Mickey Hughes


Mickey threw for the Bridgeport Giants in 1885, before moving up to the bigs with Brooklyn from 1888 through 1890.

A Brooklyn program from 1890 described him as “a typical sample of a bright, clean-cut, plucky and nobby New York boy. He was born the other side of the Bridge in 1866, and got his first experience, as thousands of other boys had to do in the big city, on the open lots and vacant blocks about Central Park, and always under difficulties, for while the boys were not chasing the ball the police were chasing them. Young Hughes at an early day showed marked ability as a pitcher, being always cool and steady, and with excellent control of his temper even under great provocation."

Francis Healy


With Giants from 1930-32, after catching for Bridgeport in 1930.


Dick Hoblitzel

First base.

Dick played in the majors from 1908 through 1918, for Cincinnati and the Boston Red Sox. In 1926 he managed the Bridgeport Bears. 

1911 Turkey Red card.

Rudy Hulswitt


Rudy managed the Boston Bees Bridgeport farm club in 1941.  He brought with him 7 years of major league experience.



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