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Bridgeport Player Images  E-F



George Estock


Estock graduated from Bridgeport's Harding High in 1942. He played for several minor league teams in his 13-year professional career (1943-1955), though not with Bridgeport. In 1945 he pitched for Wilmington, where his 22 wins is still a club and league record. In 1950 he went 16-8 with a 3.35 earned-run average with the Milwaukee Brewers, earning him a spot on the Boston Braves pitching squad the following year.

Henry Esterday


Shown with Kansas City in 1888. Played for Bridgeport in 1886.

(1888 Goodwin card.  Image property of National Baseball Hall of Fame Library.)


Aleck Ferguson


With 1917 Bridgeport Americans. Sporting News wire photo. Aleck started the 1918 season with Bridgeport before commencing a 10-year career in the Show.





Jimmy Foxx

One of three Hall-of-Fame players to manage Bridgeport clubs. Jimmy took the helm in 1949. 

1938 Dixie lid premium.


Pop Foster


Raised in Bridgeport, Foster played for Bridgeport High School and the local YMCA. He played for the Bridgeport Orators for 8 years, plus 3 in the Show.

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