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Bridgeport Player Images  C



Roy Clark


Shown in natty 1903
Bridgeport uniform.

Oddly, many women who were not otherwise interested in baseball attended faithfully games featuring bachelor outfielder Roy Clark. 

Roy spent the 1902 season with
the NY Giants.  In 1904, his second year with Bridgeport, he hit .333. Then Clark abruptly retired at the top of his game, at age 30. 
He married Katherine Emma Wheeler on June 27, 1905 and settled down as the Secretary of the Bridgeport YMCA. 



 Tommy Corcoran


Tommy covered short for Bridgeport in 1886.  This began a 23-year career that included a decade as captain of the Cinncinatti team. Tommy led the league in fielding at his position four times. In one game, on August 7, 1903, he was credited with 13 assists, a major league record that still stands. (Jack Kavanaugh, Baseball’s First Stars, SABR).



Frank Cox


With Detroit Nationals in 1884.

Covered short for Bridgeport Giants of 1887.

 Gentlemen Jim Corbett

(Yes, the boxer)

Played at first for Bridgeport in 1897.


 Monte Cross


Shown with Indianapolis in this 1909 T206 card.

Monte Managed the Bridgeport club in 1913.





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