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Bridgeport Player Images  I-J-K



Buck Jordan

First base.

With 1934 Boston Braves.

Buck covered the first sack for the Bridgeport Bears in 1929.



Sherman Kennedy

Outfield, Third base.

Kennedy covered left field for the Bridgeport Orators of 1900.  He moved to the Chicagoo Cubs outfield in 1902. 

Wes Kingdon


Shown with the 1932 Senators.

In 1921 and 1922, Wes wore a Bridgeport Americans uniform.


Benny Kauff


Pictured with Giants in 1916.

Kauff played for the Bridgeport Mechanics of 1911 and was hired by the NY Highlanders (Yankees) the following season.  In 1914 he jumped to the Federal League where he was almost as good as he thought he was.

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Kurt Kepshire


Reaching the minors in 1979, Kurt continued to improve as a hurler, posting an 18-8 record in 1882 that earned him a try-out with St. Louis. He pitched for the Cardinals from 1984-1986.


Brad Kocher


With Toronto in 1911.

In 1909, Phillies owner-manager Connie Mack sent Brad to Bridgeport for two years of seasoning. 1912 found him with the Detroit Tigers; and 1915-1916 with the Giants.


Ray Keating


Ray grew up in the Park City and pitched for the Bridgeport Mechanics in 1910.  He debuted with the Highlanders (Yankees) in 1912 and stayed with the team through the first part of 1916, when he returned to Bridgeport.  He was called up again by the Yankees in 1918, and in 1919 pitched for the Boston National League club. 

A high point in Ray’s career was when he struck out Ty Cobb twice in a row at the Polo Grounds. The third time Cobb came up to bat he lunged at the first pitch and missed.  With a roar of frustration, the Great Cobb hurled his bat against the grand stand and stormed off the field. He refused to face Keating for the rest of the game.  The next day, he walked over to Ray and extended his hand in apology. “Kid, you’re the best I have seen. What have you got, anyway?” At that moment Ty Cobb and Ray Keating began a  friendship that lasted a lifetime.

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Paul Krichell

Paul caught for St. Louis Browns

in 1911 and 1912.  He managed the Bridgeport Americans in 1917 and 1918.  He then commenced a long and successful career as a scout for the Yankees, putting over 200 players in pinstripes.



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