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Bridgeport Player Images  L



Hi Ladd


Pictured with Bridgeport, circa 1912.  Ladd covered first for the National League Boston and Pittsburgh franchises in 1898. In 1901, he began a long career in Bridgeport that did not end until 1916, at the age of 46.  Hi's lifetime batting average is over .300.


Billy Lauder

Third base.

With NY Giants in

1902 and 1903.  Billy covered third for the Bridgeport Orators of 1897 and was called up by the Phillies the following year.

Dick Loftus


With Bridgeport 1921-23 and Brooklyn Dodges from 1924 to 1925.

Ernie Lush

With Cardinals in 1910, for one game.  As luck would have it, the undertalented brother of Billy Lush debuted on the one day the baseball card photographer was on hand; and as a result became the only Lush brother 

immortalized on cardboard.

Bill "Buck" Lai

Third base.

Shown with the 1919 Bridgeport Americans.  In 1918, the year he was hired by Bridgeport, Buck was one of only two Asian Americans in organized baseball;  the other, Andy Yim, was a teammate.


Fred Lear


With the 1920 NY Giants.

Fred played third base for Bridgeport in 1917.  The following year he was picked up by the Cubs. 

Tom Lovett


Led Bridgeport to the top of two leagues in 1887, then went to Oshkosh the same year and clinched their pennant.  Twirled in the Show from 1889 to 1894.
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Tommy Lynch

Pitcher, catcher, outfielder.

With the 1887 Syracuse Stars.

Tommy played for Bridgeport amateur and semi-pro clubs from 1879 through 1885.  He had a long (and overlapping) professional career from 1883 through 1891, including two stints with the Philadelphia Quakers of the National League.


Frank Larkin

Second base, outfield.

Larkin began his career in 1875, covering left field for the Bridgeport TBs in 1875. The TBs had the good sense to fire the drunken sot. He bounced among more than 20 clubs for another nine years. 

Hans Lobert

Third base.

Show with Philies in 1911.

Hobert was coaching for the NY Giants in 1929, when he was tapped to Manage their Bridgeport farm club.  Lobert lead the Bears to three successive second-place seasons.

Billy Lush


Bridgeport native who began his career with Jim O'Rourke's amateur combine of 1894. 

Billy played 7 years in the Show before taking the helm of the Yale ball club.

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