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Bridgeport Player Images  M



Joe Malay

First base.

Joe married Elsi Sterbin of Bridgeport on July 18, 1932, the day after the league, and his job, went up in smoke.  After a 15-year pro career he settled down in Bridgeport where he served as a foreman for Bridgeport Brass.  He  also
   played and worked for the Leavitt Company.

Gene McCann

Bridgeport Manager from 1910 through 1913, and 1921-22.  Gene purchased the club from Jim O'Rourke, with financial backing from the Yankees. 

Johnny Michaels


Johnny tossed for the Bridgeport Bears from 1928 through 1930, and for the Boston Red Sox in 1932. 

Tim Murnane

First baseman.

Time was a teammate of Orator O'Rourke on the 1870 Stratford Osceolas, 1872 Middletown Mansfields, and 1876 and 1877 Boston Squads.  He popularized the bunt, and later became the first player to transition into sportswriting. 

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Doc Marshall


With NY Giants from 1928 to 1932, with a tone-up in Bridgeport during 1929.

Image property of National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Jack McMahon


A Bridgeport resident, Jack debuted as a 17-year-old phenom for the Bridgeport Giants of 1887. In 1892 and 1893 he was catching for the NY Giants. Unfortunately, a potentially Hall-of-Fame career was cut short by an early death (from injuries catching?) 

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Image property of National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Johnny Miljus


Johnny pitched for the Bridgeport Bears in 1924. He spent 4 seasons in the show before, and 3 after his year with the Bridgeport Bears.

1926 W512 card.


Joe Moore


Shown with the NY Giants on this 1933 Goudey card.

Joe spent one season in the Bridgeport outfield and 10 with the Giants, hitting .289, and playing in three World Series.  Moore played in six All-Star games and placed third in MVP voting in 1934.  Teammate Harry Danning recalled Moore as “A high class gentleman.  He was the type of  a guy, if the ball was hit out there, you knew he was going to catch it.  He never threw to a wrong base.  He was a good hitter. Joe was just an underrated ball player and I think deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.” (Baseball Collector, July 2000, p. 66.)

Dick McCabe

Shown with 1928 Hollywood (CA) team.  In 1914, Dick pitched for the Bridgeport Bolts. Major league years included 1918 with the Red Sox, and 1922 with the White Sox.


Hugh McQuillan


Shown on this exhibit card with NY Giants in 1926 or 1927.

In 1916, Hugh was pitching for the Bridgeport Hustlers. Beginning in 1918, he began a ten-year career in the majors, pitching in two World Series.


Jim Mooney


Holds the best Bridgeport win/loss record of modern era:

17 and 4 (.810) set in 1931.

Jim was picked up by the Giants the same year and posted a 7 and 1 major league record (.875) before the season ended.

Dominic Mulrennan (Mulrenan)


With Bridgeport in 1916, and the Chicago White Sox in 1921.

Joe Murray


Shown here with 1952 Ottawa Athletics. Joe played for thr 1947 Bridgeport Bees before advancing to the Phillies in 1950.



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